Gazpacho the Callaway Way

Callaway Gazpacho Recipe

The problem is, it's not a fixed recipe. But that's the charm of it.

Here's what I like to use: 

Claussen refrigerated pickles with juice.

Claussen Sauerkraut, refrigerated jar, same place in the supermarket as the pickles

Clamato juice and or V-8 juice


White onion



Lemon juice

Rice vinegar (can be substituted by apple cider vinegar)

Salt to taste.  Ground black pepper to taste.

Coop's Nashville hot shake to taste.


And for vegetable additions, almost any will do. I have found to be careful of too many carrots. But onions, sweet bell peppers, chilies, green beans... all good.

Perhaps a can of Consumme soup

I use a big 2 quart container and find that the mixture gets better after a couple of days in the fridge.

Add a few drops of olive oil on the surface before serving.

Serve cold, with cilantro garnish.

Most of the time I just pour a glass and drink it. I also find it helpful to mix smaller batches of the components in the food processor, taste, season to suit, then add to the larger batch.

It winds up being a continuous work in progress over many days in the fridge.

I find it easy to substitute at least a meal a day with Reedy's Racing Gazpacho. 

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